• Our Journey

    This interactive timeline was created to celebrate the hard work of millions of our supporters and remember all the amazing moments of the campaign. The timeline can house videos, slideshows and user stories, depending on what interesting content was available for an event.  Envisioned as a gift to thank our supporters, Obama for America wished to let them now how special 2012 truly was, and also push everyone to stay involved for the next four years. Visit the site here.
  • Obama 2012 Bracket Challenge

    Launched during the frenzy of March Madness, this site encouraged fans to fill out the interactive bracket and compete against the President. The bracket challenge was quite a hit and became a nice way to connect supporters to the president in a personal way. Additional graphics and merchandise were created to promote the site on social media.
  • Women Forward

    Women Forward was an engaging hub for women related policy issues, campaign videos and infographics.
  • Women Voices

    Women Voices was a showcase of remarkable women explaining their reasons for voting in the 2012 election, and supporting Barack Obama. The site included a feature video, by our excellent on-staff video team, and a gallery of thoughtful quotes from each participant. Users were encouraged to peruse the gallery and share their favorites on Facebook.
  • Latinos for Obama

    The website for the Latinos for Obama constituency. The site highlights content, policies and issues that mattered most for hispanics in America in 2012.
  • CON-E-CO

    CON-E-CO supplies concrete batch plants, mixers and silos to contractors across the entire US. They don't make concrete, they make the equipment that makes concrete. Dusty mix-sites, gravel quarries, and heavy concrete slabs influenced the gusty-look of the website. The visuals were a direct appeal to CON-E-CO's clientele and the nature of their businesses. High impact typography, success stories and product diagrams featured in the site give weight to CON-E-CO's stellar equipment and engineers.
    Created while at Partners Design, Inc.
  • D&D Technologies

    D&D Technologies is a company dedicated to the design and manufacture of top-quality, state-of the-art gate hardware products. This website emphasizes the hi-tech nature of their products with interesting image crops of 3D models and schematics.
    Created while at Partners Design, Inc.